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Oakland Raider’s Punter Skateboards With His Pet Bearded Dragon

Pro football player Marquette King shows some loving as his beardie tries skateboarding.

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If you follow NFL players on Instagram, you can often find them posing with their dogs. Many contribute to animal causes and many also get their pups from local shelters. Raider’s punter Marquette King likes a different type of pet. He is into reptiles.



In one of his latest Instagram posts, King is show skateboarding with his bearded dragon. King gets down on his skateboard, with his bearded dragon on another board and skates, as a camera captures the moment. The video also shows King giving a little loving to his beardie.


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In another Instagram video, King is trying to jump rope while walking a harnessed monitor lizard. That lizard is just walking along a parking lot with purpose  as King tries to get his workout on. “Hold the rope” King tells his monitor lizard, named Cleetus. The monitor shows no interest in helping out of course and keeps walking. King then finishes his workout and gives praise to the lizard. “Good job, Cleetus.”