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North Carolina Man Bitten By Pet King Cobra in Critical Condition

Ali lyoob was bitten on the wrist.

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A man who is a member of the Reptile Rescue of the Carolinas was bitten by his pet king cobra May 2 and is in critical condition at a University of North Carolina Hospital.

Ali lyoob, whose Instagram page is full of his pet snakes, a dog and cat, was bitten on the wrist by his king cobra. He then attempted to drive himself to the hospital while talking with 911 and when he could no longer drive, he pulled over and waited for paramedics to retrieve him. 


911 Call By Iyoob:

“Hey, I just got bit by um, a king cobra, and I'm on my way to the hospital. My vision's kind of blurry. I'm sweating like crazy. I'm like panicking. I feel nauseous." 

Iyoob was taken to UNC Hospitals where antivenin from the Riverbank Zoo in Columbia, South Carolina was administered. It is still too early to tell if his hand or arm will have to amputated, according to CBS News North Carolina


The Queen

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According to Bob Marotto of Animal Services of Orange County, lyoob had more than 20 snake sin his possession. All are secured and authorities with the county are coordinating with the North Carolina Zoo and the Museum of Natural Sciences to house lyoob’s snakes. 

Charges have not yet been filed against lyoob as there hasn’t yet been a determination if any laws were broken, but Marotto told CBS News North Carolina that lyoob may have not met all the requirements in keeping venomous and constricting snakes. 
Iyoob’s friends have set up a GoFund Me Page in an effort to help with medical expenses.