Boa Constrictor Saved By Conservation Officers In Saskatchewan, Canada

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Boa Constrictor Saved By Conservation Officers In Saskatchewan, Canada

This 5-foot boa constrictor was safely removed from a road in Saskatoon, Canada

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Officers with the Saskatoon Police Service received the strangest call from a citizen September 12. A large snake was slithering around the east end of the city.

“Here is further proof that any given day on the job can be an adventure!” the Saskatchewan Association of Conservation Officers wrote on its Facebook page.


The service quickly called the local conservation officers who were able to capture a 5-foot boa constrictor without injury to the snake or the officers.

boa constrictor

Saskatoon Police Service

This 5-foot boa constrictor was safely removed from a road in Saskatoon, Canada.


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“Officers brought the slithery critter to the University of Saskatchewan veterinary college for an assessment, before making arrangements for it to be transported out of the province to an approved reptile facility,” the association wrote on Facebook.

Consider this reptile as lucky because winter is fast approaching. The snake, which looks fairly healthy based on the photo, will be taken out of Saskatchewan, as they are illegal to own in the province without a permit.


Dashcam video of the capture is below:


Just call us ‘snake whisperers.’ SPS Officers once again found themselves in a “slithery” situation when Communications received a call on Sunday night about a snake. The complainant said they were “99% sure that there was a boa constrictor” on a road on the far east end of 8th Street. Upon arrival, Officers did indeed find a 5’ red tailed boa constrictor. Thanks to a passing motorist who offered up a spare Rubbermaid container, SPS officers safely collected the snake and transported it to the Conservation Officers Office before taking it to the vet. We’ve since learned that after being properly examined by the vet, it was turned over to a local snake wrangler. The wrangler will provide care for the animal for 30 days before it is transported out of the province (boa constrictors are illegal to own in Saskatchewan without the proper permit).

Posted by Saskatoon Police Service on Thursday, September 14, 2017


Boa constrictors are popular snakes in the reptile hobby and can grow fairly large. Currently there are nine accepted subspecies of Boa constrictor. They have been widely available in the hobby for decades and are one of the more popular large constricting snakes amongst reptile hobbyists.