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Aussie Snake Catcher Captures Crazy Footage Of Carpet Python Trying To Eat A Bat

The bat's wings proved to be too big for the carpet python.

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Does the Redland’s Snake Catcher have the most interesting job in Queensland, Australia? That is certainly debatable, but for reptile lovers, a career of catching and relocating snakes has got to be an interesting gig. You would definitely see a lot of things, but nothing more interesting, at least for now, in what professional snake catcher, Tony Morrison saw the other day in Victoria Point, Queensland.


Natures struggle is real. Snake vs Bat. Victoria pt.

Posted by Redland's Snake Catcher on Monday, November 6, 2017

A video posted to Facebook by the Redland’s Snake Capture shows what a typical day might be like, such as watching a carpet python (Morelia spilota)  attempt to eat a bat that it captured high in a tree. Carpet pythons can get very long, and the video looks like the bat may be big too, but it is really hard to tell how long the reptile is, but that angle is just wow. 

The snake is hanging on a branch, its tail solidly anchored as it attempts to eat the mammal, but was unsuccessful, according to the Redland’s Snake Catcher. 

Posted by Redland's Snake Catcher on Monday, November 6, 2017

“This snake could not get past the wings of the Bat and decided to give up,” Morrison wrote on Facebook. The snake definitely had a mouthful, but those wings were just in the way, as photos of the encounter show.

“It [the snake] couldn't get past the wings, so after half an hour he just dropped the bat on the ground,” Morrison told The Daily Mail Australia.
“We eventually moved the snake down the road into bushland, because it was in an area where kids would cross to get to school.”


Posted by Redland's Snake Catcher on Monday, November 6, 2017

They say things are more interesting Down Under. Judging by this encounter, the reptiles in the country certainly keep things interesting, at least for its snake catchers.