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Aussie Discovers Tiger Snake In Her Christmas Tree

A snake catcher was called to remove the "Christmas present"

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A woman in Melbourne, Australia got an early Christmas present on her Christmas tree when a snake popped out between the ornaments and tinsel. Cheryl, (no last name given) from the outer Melbourne suburb of Frankston, snapped a photo of the snake and called snake catcher Barry Goldsmith of Snake Catcher Victoria Australia, to come remove it. 

Twenty minutes after Cheryl called Goldsmith, a venomous tiger snake (Notechis scutatus) was in the snake catcher’s bag.


"The snake is among the most dangerous of Australia," Goldsmith told CNN.

Goldsmith told CNN that he has seen reptiles in quite a few strange spots, including wrapped in cauliflower and in a bottle of weed killer, but never in a Christmas tree.

Goldsmith said Cheryl’s actions were correct. Nobody, including the snake, got injured.

"Cheryl did exactly what she was supposed to do," Goldsmith told CNN. "She closed the door, put a towel underneath and called me."